essie serene slates collection 2019

The essie gods have seriously blessed us with nine new polishes that will help all essie lovers find their inner om. These serene polishes are meant to help you recharge and get your mind back on track. From an apricot nude to an indigo blue this collection has something for everyone to help them disconnect from tech and reconnect to what matters most…your nails!

“when you understand that wire-less is more, you are able to be present in the moment and unwind. with mind-full meditation as the name of the game, it’s time to fully commit to being generation zen. take time to cause & reflect, a mental recharge is good for the soul when it’s all toned down. so as you go gadget-free, indulge in our serene slate collection for those mindful mani moments…” – essie


Polishes from left to right: ‘mind-full meditation’,’wire-less is more’, ‘press pause’, ‘serene slate’, ’cause & reflect’, ‘toned down’, ‘on mute’, ‘gadget free’, and ‘generation z’.

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manifesting/vision boarding 2019

Moving back to Vermont last year was a pivotal moment in my life. One day in October of 2017 I was in my apartment in North Carolina and I was at my breaking point. I knew I had two roads to pick from: stay and continue on with my path or move back to Vermont. Staying was the easy choice and far less complicated but would leave me feeling unfulfilled and miserable, while leaving was the hard choice, the choice that came with having to move my entire life 784 miles East and to a lot of unknowns. It was a cross roads you could say, truly a moment that decided my future and thankfully a year later I am living life with no regrets and I am beyond pleased with the here and now.

With this all being said the last year really put in to perspective what I want to get out of life and the things that made me happy, sad, overwhelmed, overjoyed and so on. I haven’t often prioritized what it is that I truly want and what makes me feel alive so this year I decided I would do just that. A friend of mine introduced me to a course about Manifesting my 2019 as well as making a vision board to use as a reminder of what you want your upcoming year to look like. Completing the course as well as my vision board has helped me to reflect on myself and has set me up to make sure I am living life and not letting it pass me by. Below I have detailed out the steps I took to make sure my 2019 is my best year yet and that I am truly living for myself!


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