Shopping Local in Vermont

Growing up in Vermont means that you are taught at a young age to buy local. Whether it’s at a farm stand, farmers market, or going to pick fresh fruit right off of the vine, buying local becomes something that is just second nature. That is why each Spring we look forward to all of the fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers that will soon be growing. Since moving back home I have gotten back in the habit of getting out more and purchasing locally rather than in store. Check out some of my local finds from this Summer below and my matching nails for each occasion!


This is the famous clock tower located at the top of the Church Street Marketplace where the farmers market takes place!

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essie mercury in retrograde collection 2018

Mercury is currently in retrograde and that might cause things to be a bit wonky for the time being. Not to worry because essie has got us covered and is here to get us through all of the “mercury-made-me-do-it moments”. They have produced two sparkling shades that will take your fingertips out of this world and will make your nails glisten. For those of you who want to learn more about what it means when mercury is in retrograde click¬†here¬†and for those of you who want to see these dazzling polishes and see where you can find them scroll down.



Polishes from back to front: ‘Keep Calm…’ & ‘Mercury On’

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