essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection 2017

Today I’m talking about the Gel Couture Holiday Collection for 2017 and why you need these for this holiday season. These bejeweled shades are bringing holiday glitz right to your fingertips! If you are looking for an elegant way to accessorize this holiday season then look no further, these jewel tone polishes are sure to add the perfect amount of glamour to your holiday wardrobe. To see these beautifully shimmering shades and why they are going to be on repeat all winter long scroll down!


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essie winter collection 2017 ‘ring in the bling’

Today I’m talking about the essie Winter Collection ‘Ring In The Bling’! This collection was inspired by the fun festivities that take place on New Years Eve! These polishes encompass the party atmosphere of NYE and will be perfect to help you ‘Ring In The Bling’ this year! Take a look below to see which polish you’ll be wearing this New Years Eve!


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essie leathers collection by Rebecca Minkoff

Today I’m introducing the essie Leathers Collection by Rebecca Minkoff. This collection is paying homage to essie’s Global Color Designer Rebecca Minkoff and her leather handbag line. All of the polish names have something to do with the RM line from ‘Back in The Saddle that references her iconic saddle bags to ‘Toteally in Love’ which hints at the amazing selection of tote bags in her line. To say that this collection is spot on with current fall fads would be an understatement. Leather is all the rage right now in fashion trends so it makes sense that this trend should make its way to our fingertips! Check below to see these leather polishes on the nail and what all the hype is about!



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