#essiebuffDIY – Marbled Mug Edition

Recently I have been trying to figure out some new things to incorporate into ‘essiebuff’ so that it isn’t always just swatches, comparisons, and nail art. This prompted me to sit down and come up with some ideas of things that I thought you guys would be interested in and things that I would enjoy creating and writing about. After thinking long and hard about this I have decided to start a new project called ‘essiebuff DIY’. I will be posting fun DIY projects monthly that you can do at home using nail polish! I will make seasonal DIY crafts as well as crafts that can be for all year round. I will also be taking any suggestions on things that you would like to see me create! I will be trying to do all of these at the lowest cost possible so that it is something that is easily achievable for all who want to try it. First up is a DIY mug decorated with nail polish.

FullSizeRender 2



  • Plain white mug
  • Three nail polishes of your choice
  • A plastic tub you don’t mind getting nail polish on and ruining
  • Water
  • Toothpicks

Cost/Where To Purchase

  • Mug – $1.00 from the Dollar Store
  • Nail Polish – I used all polish that I previously owned
  • Plastic Tub – $1.00 from the Dollar Store
  • Toothpicks – I already had some handy laying around the house

Total Cost = $2.00 

Polishes I Used

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

  • ‘Aim To Misbehave’ by essie
  • ‘Rorrrrange’ by essie
  • ‘Color Binge’ by essie


  1. Take your plastic tub and fill it half way up with warm water.
  2. Take the three nail polishes of your choice and place drops throughout the water. Try to place the droplets close together so that the polishes can somewhat run together on their own.
  3. Quickly take your toothpick and swirl the colors together. The photo below shows what the polish should look like before you dip your mug into it.FullSizeRender 3.jpg
  4. Next take your mug and dip it into the center of the tub trying to cover as much of the mug with as much polish as you can.
  5. I repeated steps 2-4 a few times in order to cover each side of the mug to my liking.
  6. Place the mug on a paper plate to dry when you are finished.

Finished Product

Below is the finished product! I picked these colors because I thought that they fit with this time of year and would go well as we are currently transitioning into Fall!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg



Things To Note 

  • I did not cover the entire mug with nail polish because I did not want to put any polish near the top of the mug as I wouldn’t want the nail polish to touch my mouth and potentially cause a health issue.
  • Do this in a place where you aren’t nervous to get nail polish on something if it does accidentally drip. I suggest placing a cheap place mat or table cloth down in case of an accident.
  • These cannot go in the microwave or the dishwasher so they must be hand washed!
  • From start to finish this project took under five minutes and cost only $2.00! You would be crazy not to try it!
  • This can be done with any combination of colors or any brand of polish that you would like to use!

I hope you guys enjoyed this #essiebuffDIY as much as I enjoyed making it! I have come up with a list of over twenty ideas to try out but I would love to hear any ideas that you have! Stay tuned on my Instagram to see when I’ll be doing my next DIY.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.03.44 PM.png

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