essie fall collection 2017 ‘As If’

The Fall Collection is finally here! I look forward to the release of these six polishes more than any others during the year! This is partly because fall is my favorite time of year and also because I always feel like the essie team kills the Fall Collection and creates some of their most gorgeous and iconic shades for this particular launch each year. I was definitely not disappointed as all six of these lived up to my standards and essie came out with another GORG collection. These shades were based on the 90’s and honestly this collection couldn’t be more perfect for me because I’m a 90’s baby. Scroll below to see swatches, comparisons, and an in depth review of each polish.



From left to right: ‘Mixtaupe’, ‘Saved By The Belle’, ‘As If!’, ‘Knee-High Life’, ‘Girly Grunge’, and ‘Dressed To The Nineties’.
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Favorite essie Polish For Fall 2017

I decided to round up some of my favorite polishes for fall 2017. Fall is my favorite time of year and I always look forward to dark polishes and autumn nail art. I picked six Gel Couture polishes and six polishes from the regular essie line to showcase for the upcoming season. These are the polishes that I feel I’m going to use the most in the coming months and ones that you should get now if you don’t already have them! First up we have six of my fall favorites from the regular essie line.

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The Case Of The Mystery Polish Continued

For those of you who have been following along on the case of the mystery essie polish I have big news…the case is not closed and I found six more mystery polishes at my local Marshall’s! For those of you who haven’t been following along click here¬†and it will bring you to the original post so that you can get caught up on the mystery! A few of you tipped me off via Instagram that you had seen some unfamiliar essie polishes while shopping and that they might be connected to the other unfamiliar polishes that I found last month. When I heard this I knew I had to go and check it out myself and to my surprise there were six more of them at Marshall’s! Below I have swatches and a review of these beauties for you!


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#essiebuffDIY – Marbled Mug Edition

Recently I have been trying to figure out some new things to incorporate into ‘essiebuff’ so that it isn’t always just swatches, comparisons, and nail art. This prompted me to sit down and come up with some ideas of things that I thought you guys would be interested in and things that I would enjoy creating and writing about. After thinking long and hard about this I have decided to start a new project called ‘essiebuff DIY’. I will be posting fun DIY projects monthly that you can do at home using nail polish! I will make seasonal DIY crafts as well as crafts that can be for all year round. I will also be taking any suggestions on things that you would like to see me create! I will be trying to do all of these at the lowest cost possible so that it is something that is easily achievable for all who want to try it. First up is a DIY mug decorated with nail polish.

FullSizeRender 2

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