The Case Of The Mystery Essie Polish

I spent my day off on Saturday running errands around town. I decided to stop at my local Marhsall’s to peruse the nail polish section. I am an avid collector as most of you know and this means that purchasing polish can get expensive. This is why I go to Marhall’s and TJ Maxx in order to get good deals and find polishes that I sometimes wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. This trip was unlike any other as I stumbled upon six essie polishes that I had never heard of before. This normally doesn’t happen to me as I try to stay as aware as possible about past releases, current releases, and future releases. These polishes truly had me baffled so I decided to google the names to see what came up…when nothing appeared I was even more confused. Once I looked at the number on the bottom and noticed that they were in the 7000’s a red flag came into my head and I was even more concerned that something might not be right. I walked around the store and contemplated whether or not to buy the polishes for quite some time before I finally decided to purchase them. My thoughts were that I could always return them if they turned out to be something I wasn’t interested in or that I would have made a great purchase if they were a discontinued or rare/hard to find polish. Little did I know this was about to turn into an essie investigation! Below are the six mystery polishes!


From left to right: ‘Meet & Treat’, ‘Social Butterfly’, ‘Follow The Leader’, ‘It’s Complicated’, ‘Office Crush’, and ‘Bring Your “A” Game.

I did reach out to some friends at essie who confirmed that these polishes are indeed essie approved and were for a specific retailer and released in small quantities which is why we probably haven’t heard much about them! I still do not know what this collection is called or who these were made for but I am seriously loving them so I guess it doesn’t really matter! If I do find out more about these specific polishes I will make sure to update you all! Below I have swatched the entire collection and have a review for you!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

First up we have ‘Meet & Treat’, a sand like beige. I’m normally not one who likes nude/tan polish because it looks terrible on my pale skin but essie got this one just right! This did take three coats but the formula was super creamy and applied nicely so three coats was a breeze.


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Next is ‘Social Butterfly’, a soft creamy pink. I’m wearing this one right now because I just can’t get enough of it. The coverage on this one was perfection and there’s just something about a light pink that makes me swoon. This may be a dupe or a close runner up to some other light pink essie’s but this formula just cant be beat!


FullSizeRender 4.jpg

‘Follow The Leader’, is a sweet dusty rose. I normally have pinks that are really similar to one another but I don’t quite have anything that is as muted as this one in my collection. It only took two coats to reach this opacity and had amazing coverage.



Next is ‘It’s Complicated’, a juicy pink polish. This took two coats and was the one polish in this collection that I could live without. This one seems a bit too similar to other bright pinks in my personal collection and didn’t really stand out to me.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

‘Office Crush’ is a deep magenta with micro-shimmer. This only took two thin coats to get to this gorgeous color. This one is super unique and has slight blue shimmer embedded within. This one is a must from this bunch!


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Last but certainly not least is ‘Bring Your “A” Game’, a glistening reddish-pink. This is my favorite polish in this collection and is unlike anything else I own. The shimmer in this is seriously unreal. My nails look like gemstones and I’m so obsessed that I cant stop staring at my hands. Oh and did I mention I only needed one coat? If everything else hadn’t sold you then that definitley should.


Here is a photo of all six polishes side by side!

I have to wonder what this collection was for/who it was geared towards and why it consists of almost all pinks? I’m definitley not complaining since I’m a sucker for pink polish, however it does make me wonder! All of the polish names seem themed for work or possibly school and that may be a clue into what the main theme for this collection was. I am definitley glad that I picked these up even though I was unsure at first because I really am loving most of these polishes. My favorites are ‘Bring Your “A” Game’, ‘Social Butterfly’, and ‘Office Crush’. This sums up all of my knowledge on the mystery polishes, I will update you all if I hear anything else! Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.03.44 PM.png



7 thoughts on “The Case Of The Mystery Essie Polish

  1. I just found these polishes at my local TJ Maxx as well and was equally confused as to why I couldn’t find anything on the colors online. Thanks for posting this!! Today, I picked up Office Crush and It’s Complicated. I just put on It’s Complicated and am in love. I think I’ll go back and grab some more colors.


  2. Hi there! New to your blog and also to Essie polish – though I’ve got tons of OPI and Butter London. I picked up “Bring your ‘A’ game” at TJM this week because I was struck by the unique pink/orange/red flicker in the bottle. When I wanted to read about it online…there was nothing – except this blog post. I’ll be following to see if you can further solve the mystery. And now I have to go back and look for Office Crush, cuz that’s lovely!


  3. I am desperate for social butterfly. Please if you hear anything let us know! I don’t know why Estee wouldn’t make these colors again knowing how much people love them. Someone in the bank just came up to me and said oh my gosh I love that polish. I get that all the time with social butterfly. I had bought three bottles, and I’m coming to the end and I’m devastated


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