Nail Polish Wall

Hi dolls!

I recently moved into a new apartment and really wanted a modern way to store my essie polish collection. Since I was young I have always had lots of polish around but over the last four years I started to become an avid essie collector and ultimatley had a polish collection that conisted of only essie polish. Over the years I have stored my polish in lots of different ways from makeup bags to acrylic racks, from plastic storage bins to baskets. When I moved I finally decided to upgrade to a practical look that displays my polishes as part of my home decor! I researched a lot of different polish storage options before finally taking the plunge and ordering picture ledges off of the Home Depot website! Here is a photo of my polish storage wall below!


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Get The Same Look: Jade Gemstone Nails

I was recently inspired by my friend  @laurenslist and her gorgeous jade gemstone nails and wanted to give a go at doing my own! These nails are super easy to do and you need no special tools to create this mani, just some house hold saran wrap! Below I have listed some instructions so that you can get the same look!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg



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