Top 10 essie Polishes Released in 2016

Hello loves! I decided that I would pick my top ten favorite essie polishes from 2016  to share with you. Five of the polishes are from the regular essie line, while the other five are from their new Gel Couture line. It was definitley hard for me to narrow down my picks and I did have to leave a lot of other wonderful 2016 releases out of this post, but I did manage to pick out my absolute favorites!



From left to right: ‘Go With The Flowy’, ‘Ready To Boa’, ‘Tribal Text-Styles’, ‘Satin Sister’, and ‘Kimono Over’.

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essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes

essie recently released their new collection of Gel Couture polishes called the Ballet Nudes Collection. This collection consists of six nude/pastel polishes that are on point (literally)! Each polish has a ballet related name and the colors are all soft and airy creams! Although there are six polishes in the collection I chose to only get three as I am not a huge fan of nude polishes and the other three weren’t something that I would personally wear often! Now lets take a look and see what you think!



From right to left: ‘Perfect Posture’, ‘Lace Me Up’, and ‘Closing Night’.

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