essie Bridal Collection 2016 ‘Mrs Always-Right’

I finally got my hands on the essie Bridal Collection ‘Mrs Always-Right’ and I am absolutely in LOVE with all of these polishes. This is one of my favorite collections that essie has come out with in awhile and it is definitley worth getting. This collection has a large range of colors and has something that any bride or bridesmaid would like! There are bright polishes for brides who like a bit of color and some lighter polishes for brides who are into a more subtle look. Take a look and let me know what you think!


Left to right: ‘Between The Seats’, ‘Steal His Name’, ‘Coming Together’, ‘Passport To Happiness’, ‘Groom Service’, and ‘Mrs. Always-Right’

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essie ‘Lilacism’ vs ‘Lilacism’

Today I have a different kind of post than normally to share with you all! I have been fascinated recently by one of essie’s polishes ‘Lilacism’ and its formula. I first bought my bottle of ‘Lilacism’ about four years ago when I was a freshman in college. This was one of my first essie polishes and I loved the light purple shade. Over the years I have noticed that my bottle stopped being the ‘satiny smooth lilac’ that essie describes it as and started becoming a blue/gray color. I was super surprised at this as I have never encountered another polish of mine changing colors so drastically. This summer I went to CVS and bought another bottle of ‘Lilacism’ and it was the same pretty lilac polish that I remember my first bottle being. I recently compared the two bottles so that you can see the drastic difference in color over the years.

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Get The Same Look: Daisies

I have been wanting to do daisy inspired nails for quite some time now and finally got around to trying it out! I absolutely love this look and it will be perfect for the upcoming festival season or for a fun every day nail! This look is surprisingly super easy to do and isn’t very time consuming! Below i’ve listed the tools and steps needed for you to create a daisy themed nail yourself!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

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Get The Same Look: Watercolor Sunset

I have seen a lot of people trying out the essie ‘Silk Watercolor Collection’ lately and it has made me want to give it another whirl and try out some new looks. I decided that the silk watercolors would be perfect to try out the saran wrap technique because they blend together easily. With that being said I picked a few of my favorites and gave it a try and I am loving how it came out, my nails almost look like a bright sunset. Below I have listed the tools and steps that you need in order to achieve the same look!


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