Aveniro Glass Nail Files

Hello all! I was recently asked to try out some of Aveniro’s glass nail files files and write a review about the products. I received three glass files that can be used for pedicures and manicures and are all decorated with gorgeous embellishment. My first thoughts upon opening these files were that they were very pretty to look at and were of great quality (they are very strong and sturdy). Here is my own personal unbiased review of these three nail files made by the Aveniro Company.


Files shown from left to right:  Type XL62r, Type L62r, Type L42r.

The first file that I tried out was the Type L42r. This glass nail file can be used for pedicures and manicures. It is decorated with color as well as 3D stickers. The stickers made the nail file very easy to grip and stopped any slipping when I was filing my nails. I love how large the nail file is and the wide amount of room there is to work with. You can also personalize this nail file with 3D stickers as well as your logo or image if you would like!

Next up I tried the XL62r. This is the large foot scraper and it is great for calloused feet as well as removing any dead skin on the soles of your feet. This pedicure file has two different roughness on either side so that you can use whichever side is right for you. I preferred the softer side as my feet are very sensitive but the rougher side is great for getting rough skin off the bottom of your feet. I loved how this file immediately began to remove my dead skin and it did so without harming my feet or making me feel uncomfortable.  

The L62r is essentially the same thing as the XL62r just in a mini version. This pedicure file also has two sides with varying levels of roughness and it is very strong to ensure that it won’t break. The benefit of this pedicure file is that it is smaller and easier for use when traveling or when you have a lack of space. I’ll be sure to take this one with me when traveling in the future!

Here is a close up of the bottoms of the nail files so that you can see the embellishment as well as beautiful color.


Some pro’s of these products:

  • Each glass nail file is easy to clean and this can be done by running it under hot water and scrubbing with soap.
  • All of the files are made with glass and are either 4mm or 6mm thickness, this makes them have excellent resistance.
  • The pedicure files with differing roughness are great for different needs as well as varying foot sensitivity of customers.
  • These files have an unlimited lifespan as they are made of glass.
  • All of the files are very stylish and are of great quality.

Some con’s of these products:

  • They originate from the North of Czech Republic and this might make them hard for some of my American followers to get their hands on the products.
  • They do not have an online store yet (but they are working on getting one).

Aveniro mainly sells these nail files in bulk and you can look at their inventory as well as how you can personalize your own nail file on www.aveniro.com . The minimum order quantity from their website is 100 pieces. You can also check out Aveniro on their Facebook page!

In order to buy individual nail files you can look on Classynailfiles.com as they sell a lot of Aveniro’s products and at reasonable prices! 

Overall I would definitely recommend all three of these products and I can’t wait to continue using my Aveniro glass nail files!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.03.44 PM.png


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